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“Windex [s.m., invar.] – Name of famous Sweden wind vane used in the nautical field to provide precise indications about the direction of wind blow.”

WindeX at a glance

WindeX is a Private Equity company, acting as an investment holding, founded by a group of entrepreneurs with the aim of investing in excellent Italian small and medium-sized enterprises, actively supporting their transformation, development and internationalization processes to facilitate and accelerate their long-term growth.


WindeX selects leading companies in their market niche, investing alongside its network of entrepreneurs and managers ready to commit not only financial capital but also expertise and competences.


WindeX team is composed by experienced professionals, both in finance and industrial sector, with a successful track record and extensive and diversified expertise. The team is always ready to select the best investment opportunities to be transformed into successful stories.



WindeX Investment Club Srl

Via Ulrico Hoepli, 3/C
20121 Milan

Phone: +39 02 76318387
Fax. +39 02 76007326
VAT 11089360967

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