Investment Activity

Investment Activity

Investment Approach | Windex Investment Club

Investment Activity

Windex Investment Club is a holding company that co-invests with the members of its club in excellent Italian SMEs.

After the investment has been approved, the Windex team is responsible for the deal closing, the value creation through a hands-on management approach and, finally, for the investment exit without any duration constraints.

Windex Team:

Operates with speed and safety in the closing of the deal and in any follow-on investment.

Provides direct operative support to subsidiary companies.

Trusts that investments are much more than a simple injection of financial capital. The Team and the entrepreneurs merge their connections, knowledge and expertise.

Set no time limits for the duration of the investment, therefore there is less stress on the exit.

Provide exit.


Quality SMEs.
Enterprise value between 5 mln to 50 mln.
Equity value between 5 mln to 25 mln per deal.

Type of investment

Mainly majority stakes through specific newco for each investment; minorities in case of co-investments.

Target IRR

Value quality Italian SMEs, allowing sustainable development and internationalization.

Geographical Focus



Business areas:

Manifatturiero | Windex Investment Club


Consumer goods / fast moving | Windex Investment Club

Consumer/fast moving goods

Food and beverage | Windex Investment Club

Food & beverage

Servizi industria/avanzati | Windex Investment Club

Advanced services/manufacturing

Robotica | Windex Investment Club


Sanità | Windex Investment Club


Education | Windex Investment Club


Others | Windex Investment Club



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